February 16, 2021

PTG’s Continued Partnership with Mitutoyo: The QV302 Vision Measuring Machine

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Utilizing PTG for all your silicone and thermoplastic molding means you care about the quality and precision of your manufactured components.

We focus on the details—which means we depend on only the best and most dependable technology when measuring parts for quality control. That’s why we’ve recently acquired the new Mitutoyo Quick Vision 302, a next-gen visual measuring machine that will increase consistency and accuracy while also expediting our already quick turnaround times.

See the full Press Release below:

PTG Silicones Continues Partnership with Mitutoyo for Precision Measurements

PTG Silicones and Mitutoyo have a long-standing partnership that consistently results in the highest quality molded silicone and thermoplastic parts. This partnership continues with PTG’s acquisition of the Mitutoyo QV302—a next-generation vision measuring machine.

Utilizing liquid silicone rubber to create a variety of components through injection molding, the parts created by PTG are often geometrically interesting, detailed, and delicate by nature. Liquid silicone components typically do not allow for contact measurement, however, and a non-contact method is essential to maintain the high-quality standards customers of PTG Silicones have come to expect. For years, PTG has relied on the Mitutoyo QV202 for accurate, non-contact measuring. This machine continues to be a stalwart workhorse for PTG, but like all technology, it has reached the end of its life cycle. Without hesitation, PTG looked only to Mitutoyo to meet their vision measurement needs.

Widely known for consistency, accuracy, and precision, Mitutoyo manufactures the industry’s most reliable vision measuring systems. The newly relaunched Quick Vision Series is now even more sophisticated, with improvements that allow for faster and more efficient measurements. With a smaller footprint, yet larger capacity, The QV302 has a working area 25% larger than previous models. The machine is also 50% faster than the QV202 when reviewing parts, freeing up quality control technicians to spend more time on the production room floor where they can make a greater impact fine-tuning processes. Above all, PTG values the advanced lighting sources in the QV302. Most components manufactured by PTG are natural in color—which means they are translucent—requiring multiple light sources to accurately measure.

“PTG prides itself on the strength of its partnerships. We work hard to build trust and forge long-term relationships—not only with our customers, but also with our technology providers to ensure our state-of-the-art manufacturing process is comprised of only the best components available,” notes Brendan Cahill, President of PTG Silicones.

To learn more about the Mitutoyo QV302 and other technology utilized by PTG Silicones, contact or speak with someone directly at 812.948.8719.