PTG Silicones works with entrepreneurial start-up companies to some of the largest global consumer, personal care and adult novelty companies.  We strive to work with our customers that have a need for a silicone rubber molded component or sub-assemble and work to find a design and manufacturing solution that exceeds their form, fit, and functional requirements along with any regulatory compliance needs.  PTG Silicones does this using a rigorous application development and manufacturing validation process.  Our manufacturing capabilities include single cavity prototype tooling development, bridge tooling strategies and fully automated molding solutions for both silicone and thermoplastic with silicone overmolded component solutions.  We also provide secondary operations and subcomponent assembly.

We are a ISO-9001 registered manufacturer and utilize this quality standard to ensure the highest quality and consistency of the products we manufacture.


PTG’s consumer/personal care/adult novelty application expertise includes: silicone wrist bands, drink spouts, water bottle check valves, bakeware, cooking utensils, and kegel devices.

Silicone basting brush used in housewares application. Application requirements include:, FDA approved for Food Contact, USP class VI material, high heat resistance, manufactured in multiple colors, dishwasher safe.

Silicone bracelet used in personal memorabilia applications. Application requirements include: FDA approved,  USP class VI material, hypoallergenic, soft and pliable, chemical resistance, high tear resistance, ability to be laser engraved and manufactured in multiple colors.